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Insights, explanations and comments about EDI research activity

Can prioritizing land rights offer a pathway to development in Tanzania?

It is widely recognised that unclear land rights act as a constraint to development, and disputes and conflicts arise especially with growing pressures of demand on land from expanding urban populations. As part of our contribution to the development of…

Diagnosing politics and business in Tanzania

Can reformed relations between politics and business help Tanzania break away from its current constraints to development? To a large extent, development relies on the dynamism of the modern private sector of the economy, which in most low-income countries tends…

Don’t disseminate, co-create: Reflections on connecting research with policy

In 2015, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) launched a comprehensive research initiative with an ambitious goal: to fill critical evidence gaps regarding the role of public institutions in catalyzing economic growth and development. Economic Development & Institutions (EDI),…


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