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EDI undertakes research that aims to produce a body of evidence on how institutions can improve economic outcomes and increase growth. We also have a strong commitment to policy engagement throughout the research process to inform and integrate solutions for effective policy change.
Our programme is made up of four areas of research activity described below:

Path-Finding Papers

The first stage of our research programme involved commissioning 23 Path-Finding Papers take stock of existing evidence and identify knowledge gaps for the benefit of researchers and decision-makers.
See all Path-Finding Papers

Institutional Diagnostic Tools

We aim to design an institutional diagnostic tool that will permit policy-makers to identify weak institutional areas that constrain development and appropriate directions for reform. Our focus countries are: Tanzania, Benin, and Bangladesh. Two more countries will be identified for pilot studies over the coming months.

View institutional diagnostics

Randomised Control Trials

We are conducting over 30 RCTs in countries across the world that will be used to support the design of policies to promote development-related goals in a more efficient and effective manner.
Discover randomised control trials

Case Studies

Our case studies prioritise research that analyzes interactions between formal and informal institutions in relation to growth and development, and that pay special attention to policy implications.
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