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EDI Handbook

Pathfinding papers played a vital role in setting the EDI research agenda and informing directions of enquiry for the development of institutional case studies, randomised control trials and case studies for the programme.

In January 2020, twenty of the pathfinding papers were published by Princeton University Press as The Handbook of Economic Development and Institutions. The book was edited by EDI’s Research Directors, François Bourguignon and Jean-Philippe Platteau and EDI Scientific Committee members, Jean-Marie Baland and Thierry Verdier. It is available for purchase at Princeton University Press.

Pre-publication working paper versions of the chapters are available to download by clicking on the links below:

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Jean-Marie Baland, Francois Bourguignon, Jean-Philippe Platteau and Thierry Verdier: Economic Development and Institutions: An Introduction

Political Institutions, Clientelism and Inequality

Ernesto Dal Bo and Fred Finan: At the Intersection: a Review of Institutions and Development

Dilip Mookherjee and Pranab Bardhan: Clientelistic Politics and Economic Development

Ragnar Torvik: Formal Institutions and Development in Low Income Countries: Positive and Normative Theories

Rohini Somanathan: Group Inequality in Democracies: Lessons from Cross-National Experiences

Joan Esteban and Debraj Ray: Conflict and Development

Institutions and Growth

Steven Durlauf: The Empirics of Institutions and Economic Growth

Thorsten Beck: Finance, Institutions and Development: Literature Survey and Research Agenda

Trade, Aid and Migration

Jaime de Melo and Marcelo Olarreaga: Trade Related Institutions and Development

Francois Bourguignon and Jan Willem Gunning: Foreign Aid and Governance: a Survey

Kaivan Munshi: Migration, Institutions and Development

Families, Gender and Culture

Marcel Fafchamps: Formal and Informal Market Institutions: Embeddedness

Gerard Roland: Culture, institutions and Development

Catherine Guirkinger and Jean-Philippe Platteau: The Dynamics of Family Systems: Lessons from the Past and Present Times

Stephan Klasen: Gender institutions and Economic Development: Findings and Open Research and Policy Issues

Sectoral Approaches

Imran Rasul: Firms, Workers and Labor Markets

Meghana Ayyagari, Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Vojislav Maksimovic: Institutions, Firms Financing and Growth

Antonio Estache: Institutions for Infrastructure in Developing Countries

Tessa Bold and Jakob Svensson: Education, Institutions and Economic Development

Eliana la Ferrara: Media as a Tool for Institutional Change in Development

Eswaran Somanathan: Institutions, the Environment and Development

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