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Bangladesh Institutional Diagnostic – Chapter 11


Bangladesh Institutional Diagnostic

Chapter 11: The Synthesis

Chapter overview:
  1. Introduction
  2. Identifying institutional constraints in Bangladesh’s development
    • A sketch of Bangladesh’s political history
    • Successes and challenges of Bangladesh’s economic development
    • Bangladesh’s institutional performance in global rankings
    • Bangladesh’s institutional performance based on the views of national decision makers
    • Some critical areas
  3. The institutional diagnostic
    • Three overall basic institutional weaknesses of Bangladesh’s development
    • The diagnostic table
    • Analysing the basic institutional weaknesses and potential directions for reform
    • Two general directions of reform
  4. Conclusion: addressing institutional challenges at a time of an unprecedented shock

Annex A     A list of institutional reforms suggested in the institutional diagnostic, by theme

Authors: Francois Bourguignon, Paris School of Economics, Selim Raiham, SANEM, Umar Salam, Oxford Policy Management

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