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Bangladesh Institutional Diagnostic – Chapter 3


Bangladesh Institutional Diagnostic

Chapter 3: A cross-country comparative analysis of institutional indicators: Where does Bangladesh stand?

Chapter Overview

List of tables and figures

  1. Introduction
  2. Constructing synthetic institutional indices
  3. Bangladesh’s position in the global ranking of synthetic institutional indices
    • How does Bangladesh compare to other countries according to the synthetic institutional indices?
    • Major institutional weaknesses of Bangladesh in the synthetic institutional indices
  4. Bangladesh vs. its neighbouring and comparator countries: a comparative analysis of the synthetic institutional indices
  5. Is Bangladesh an outlier in the institution–development nexus?
  6. Evolution of institutions in Bangladesh
  7. Conclusion

Annex A     Construction of synthetic institutional indicators

  1. Methodology for calculating weights of the synthetic index
  2. Data
  3. Variables and calculated weights

Annex B     Aggregated country score and ranking in the synthetic index

Authors: Selim Raihan and Rafiqua Ferdousi, SANEM

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