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Bangladesh Institutional Diagnostic – Chapter 8


Bangladesh Institutional Diagnostic

Chapter 8: Institutional challenges in public spending: the case of primary education

Chapter overview:

List of figures

  1. Introduction
  2. The importance of education (primary education) for development in Bangladesh
  3. The primary education sector in Bangladesh: basic performance
  4. Challenges faced by the primary education sector in Bangladesh
    • Complex coexistence of various actors
    • Challenges related to resources
    • Teacher management in government primary schools
    • Curriculum and teacher training in primary education
  5. Summary and conclusion
    • Enhancing the budgetary allocation for the primary education sector
    • Better salary and career paths for primary teachers
    • Improving the recruitment process for primary teachers
    • Initiatives to improve the quality of school infrastructure
    • Initiatives to improve facilities to increase school attendance
    • Improving the curriculum and examination system
    • Ensuring accountability and transparency in the evaluation of both teachers and learning achievement
    • Harmonisation of the coexistence of various actors

Annex A     Types of primary school in Bangladesh
Annex B     The assistant teacher recruitment process
Annex C     Institutional challenges in the assistant teacher recruitment process
Annex D     Transfer procedure for primary school teachers from one division to another, or to the capital city
Discussion: Institutional challenges in public spending: The case of primary education

Authors: Zubayer Hossen, Bazlul Haque Khondker, and Selim Raihan, SANEM
With discussion by Elizabeth M. King, The Brookings Institution

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