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Bangladesh Institutional Diagnostic – Chapter 9


Bangladesh Institutional Diagnostic

Chapter 9: Institutional challenges in land administration and management in Bangladesh

Chapter Overview

List of tables and figures

  1. Introduction
  2. Consequences of land scarcity and inefficient land management
  3. Overview of the land laws and policies in Bangladesh
  4. Challenges in land administration and management in Bangladesh
    • Institutional structure of land administration
    • Challenges related to land administration
    • Dynamics of political power and institutional configurations
  5. Addressing land-related problems through SEZs, and the institutional challenges of land acquisition for SEZs
    • SEZs in Bangladesh
    • Challenges in land acquisition under SEZs
    • Sreehatta Economic Zone: An example
  6. Way forward

Discussion of ‘Institutional challenges in land administration and management in Bangladesh’

Authors: Selim Raihan, Md. Jahid Ebn Jalal, Eshrat Sharmin, SANEM, and M. Abu Eusuf, University of Dhaka
With discussion by Dilip Mookherjee, Boston University

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