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Benin Institutional Diagnostic – Chapter 1


Benin Institutional Diagnostic

Chapter 1: A first assessment of institutional constraints on the development of Benin

Chapter outline:
  1. Mapping Benin: geography, historical legacies, ethnicity and politics
    • Geography
    • Deep historical legacies
    • Ethnicity
    • Recent political history
      • Political instability before and after independence: 1944 to 1972
      • A Marxist-Leninist Revolution: 1972-1990
      • Democratic Renewal: 1990 to 2017
    • Conclusion
  2. Benin’s economic development from 1960
    • Economic growth (aggregate)
    • Growth and structural change
    • Specific structural characteristics
      • Leading real sectors
      • The financial system
    • The structure of aggregate spending
    • External trade
    • Financing of the economy
    • Physical Infrastructure
    • Social Indicators
      • Poverty incidence and inequality
      • Education
      • Health
  1. Binding constraints on Benin’s economic development

Authors: Romain Houssa, Jean-Philippe Platteau, Paul Reding

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