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Event: “Sharing Solutions” – Bringing property owners into the tax net

Justine Knebelmann from the Paris School of Economics presents her research on a project undertaken in collaboration with the Senegalese tax administration. She reviews the motivations for research on the property tax regime, and examines how technological improvements in the system are able to bring increased efficiencies and revenues through property taxes.

Key research questions reviewed in the presentation are:

  • Does the new property tax management system – including technological upgrades – help improve tax assessment and collection?
  • Does a rule-based system to assess tax liability perform better than a system in which tax officials have more discretion?
  • Does an increase in proerty tax pressure have effects on local governance dynamics – on citizen demand for public goods and accountability?

This presentation was part of a larger convening workshop for EDI, “Sharing Solutions, Sharing Strategies: A Policy Institute for Innovations in Public Services,” which involved 13 implementing partners of the programme. Participants had an opportunity to hear about all the work being carried out across the consortium, which helped identify important synergies. Researchers also had an opportunity to gain feedback on work-in-progress.

Read our summary of the event “Sharing Solutions”

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