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Event “Sharing Solutions” – Improving the effectiveness of labor courts through information and conciliation

Joyce Sadka from the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM) presents her research on “Improving the Effectiveness of Labor Courts through Information and Conciliation” undertaken together with the courts in Mexico City.

Sadka asks can informing plaintiffs and defendants about likely outcomes improve the efficiency of the courts? Using a ‘calculator’ based on historic court outcomes, the researchers provide parties with objective information about expected outcomes and a pre-judicial conciliation module. Preliminary evidence shows that this information reduces court delays and increases conciliation in ongoing cases.

This presentation was part of a larger convening workshop for EDI, “Sharing Solutions, Sharing Strategies: A Policy Institute for Innovations in Public Services,” which involved 13 implementing partners of the programme. Participants had an opportunity to hear about all the work being carried out across the consortium, which helped identify important synergies. Researchers also had an opportunity to gain feedback on work-in-progress.

Read our summary of the event “Sharing Solutions”

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