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Event: “Sharing Solutions” – Performance-based incentives in multi-layered organizations

Gianmarco León on pay-for-performance (P4P), which has been shown to be effective in job performance in both private and public organizations.

The research examines how incentives affect performance when they are implemented across multiple layers of an organization – from frontline workers to managers. Key research questions include:

  • How do incentives given to one layer affect the organizations performance and effort in the other layer?
  • How should one allocate performance incentives across the vertical layers of the organization, especially considering financial and budgetary constraints?

This presentation was part of a larger convening workshop for EDI, “Sharing Solutions, Sharing Strategies: A Policy Institute for Innovations in Public Services,” which involved 13 implementing partners of the programme. Participants had an opportunity to hear about all the work being carried out across the consortium, which helped identify important synergies. Researchers also had an opportunity to gain feedback on work-in-progress.

Read our summary of the event “Sharing Solutions”


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