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Mozambique Institutional Diagnostic: Chapter 3


Mozambique Institutional Diagnostic

Chapter 3: Institutional Performance

International datasets, quantitative survey and key informants

Having taken stock of the development performance of Mozambique in a historical and socioeconomic perspective in Chapter 2, we introduce in Section 2 of this chapter a series of institutional indicators comparing Mozambique with neighbouring and peer countries using data from existing international databases. We then proceed in Sections 3 and 4 to bring together the results of, respectively, a quantitative survey and a series of key informant interviews. The aim of these two tools was to gather the perceptions of key politicians, business people, academics, and liberal professionals in Mozambique with regard to institutional challenges and constraints to development.


  • Antonio S. Cruz, Independent contractor
  • Ines A. Ferreira, Development Economics Research Group, University of Copenhagen
  • Johnny Flentø, Development Economics Research Group, University of Copenhagen
  • Finn Tarp, Development Economics Research Group, University of Copenhagen

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