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Research Insight: Changing management practices in government (Evidence from Ghana)


How effectively are government bureaucracies managed? How much variation is there in management practices across organizations? These are basic questions about the day-to-day bureaucratic processes of governance on which little systematic evidence exists, especially in low- and middle-income countries. And despite the immense effort and expenditure that is poured into improving the quality of government bureaucracies, we have almost no large-scale evidence of perhaps the most important question of all: How does the quality of management change over time?

This EDI Research Insight provides an overview of the methodology and preliminary findings from our Case Study on civil service reform in Ghana.

The research collaboration has so far demonstrated that it is possible to improve management in government bureaucracies. The crucial next steps – for us, and for governments and researchers worldwide – is to understand more about exactly how those improvements can be brought about, and then to implement them as widely as possible.

Lead members of the research team are:

  • Stefan Dercon, University of Oxford
  • Martin J Williams, University of Oxford
  • Imran Rasul, University College London
  • Daniel Rogger, World Bank

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