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Tanzania Institutional Diagnostic – Chapter 2


Tanzania Institutional Diagnostic

Chapter 2: Tanzanian institutional strengths and weaknesses

Chapter outline


  1. The Country Institutional Survey (CIS): experts’ opinions on Tanzanian institutions
    • The survey: design of the questionnaire
    • Execution of the survey
    • Most critical institutions for the development of Tanzania
    • The perceived functioning of institutions in Tanzania
    • From the perception of the past to a prospective assessment
    • Discussion and conclusions
  2. Open-ended interviews with top decision makers and policymakers
  3. Comparative analysis based on institutional indicators: how ‘different’ is Tanzania from other developing countries?
    • Application to Tanzania
    • Comparison with other countries, from the user point of view
    • Conclusion
  4. The institutional implications of ‘growth diagnostics’ and similar exercises
    • Identified economic constraints for development in Tanzania
    • Underlying institutional weaknesses




Authors: François Bourguignon and François Libois, Paris School of Economics

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