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Tanzania Institutional Diagnostic – Chapter 3


Tanzania Institutional Diagnostic

Chapter 3: Politics and business

Chapter outline
  1. Introduction
  2. Theoretical framework and methodology
  3. The early independence period: 1961–66
    • The situation at independence
    • Origins of the position of Asians
    • Development initiatives in early post-independence period
    • Continued concern over social and economic differentiation
  4. The Arusha Declaration: business and politics relations (1967–85)
    • The Arusha Declaration response
    • Emerging public sector business leaders
    • Initiatives to promote indigenous business sector
    • Initiatives to promote parastatal sector business
    • Public–private business relations
    • Performance of parastatal businesses
    • Political elite–parastatal–private business relations
    • Decentralisation of management of rents and loss of political control
  5. Policy reforms: opening up space for business 1986–95
    • Reforms as response to the crisis
    • Privatisation and politics–business relations
    • The balance between industrialists and traders
    • Political elite engagement in business
  6. Initiatives to consolidate reforms and define the development agenda, 1996–2015
    • Long-term development agenda revisited
    • Industrialisation and politics–business relations
    • Formalisation of state–private sector relationships
    • Politics of indigenous and non-indigenous business
    • Politics and foreign business relations
    • Corruption: informal politics–business relationships
    • Transparency without accountability and erosion of credibility of the ruling party
  7. Fifth-phase government: fighting corruption and changing relationships between politics and business
  8. Conclusion
  9. References
  10. Discussion of ‘Politics and Business in Tanzania’

Author: Sam Wangwe, DAIMA Associates
With discussion by: Hazel Gray, University of Edinburgh


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