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Tanzania Institutional Diagnostic – Chapter 6


Tanzania Institutional Diagnostic

Chapter 6: Land Rights

Chapter outline
  1. Overview
  2. A brief historical perspective on land tenure issues
  3. Legal land tenure in Tanzania according to the 1999 Land Act
    • Rights of occupancy
    • Land transformation by the state and the issue of compensation
  4. The distribution of actual land tenure status in Tanzania
  5. Institutional framework for land administration
    • Institutional mandates on grant and allocation of land rights
    • Institutional mandates on disposition
    • Institutional mandates on dispute settlement
  6. Institutional issues and challenges
    • Duality of tenure
    • Immense powers of eminent domain
    • Limited formalisation
    • Gender discrimination
    • Institutional overlaps
    • Corruption and inefficient land administration
    • Ineffective land dispute settlement framework
    • Inadequate resources
  7. Concluding remarks and recommendations
  8. References
  9. Improving land tenure in Tanzania, a discussion of Land rights and the law in Tanzania: institutional issues and challenges

Author: Dr S.J. Mramba, The Law School of Tanzania
With discussion by: Klaus Deininger, World Bank

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