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Tanzania Institutional Diagnostic – Chapter 1


Tanzania Institutional Diagnostic

Chapter 1: Reflections on the political and economic development of Tanzania

Chapter outline
  1. A short account of the political history of Tanzania
    • The colonial era
      • The German colonisation
      • The British mandate on Tanganyika
    • Independence
    • Forging a nation: the Nyerere socialist era
    • The difficult transition to the market: 1980–95 (Nyerere–Mwinyi)
    • The market era: 1995– (Mkapa–Kikwete)
    • The fifth phase
    • Final remarks on political history
  2. The features of economic development in Tanzania
    • The aggregate rate of growth
    • The sources of growth: structural change and productivity gains
    • The structure of aggregate spending
    • External trade
    • The financing of the economy
    • Social aspects
      • Poverty and inequality
      • Education
      • Healthcare
  1. Conclusion
  2. References

Author: François Bourguignon, Paris School of Economics


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