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Blog: How to strengthen women’s land rights in Africa? Some evidence from an experiment in Uganda

Photo by Random Institute on Unsplash Strengthening women’s land rights can play a central role in the process of economic development. The issue is particularly pressing in Sub-Saharan Africa as countries in the region increasingly adopt land formalization reforms, often…

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EDI Year in Review 2020-21

When we published our last ‘Year in Review’ in February 2020 we could not have imagined the circumstances in which we would find ourselves living and working during 2020-21. By May 2020 the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on many…

Blog: Does donor conditionality improve infrastructure construction quality?

Many low-income country governments hire contractors to carry out large infrastructure projects, as they often lack the capacity to implement these themselves. At 14.5% of GDP, low-income countries have the highest share of public procurement in their economies (World Bank…

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EDI Statement on the death of Stephan Klasen

This week, the EDI Team were informed that one of our researchers under the RA4 Case Studies work, Professor Stephan Klasen, sadly passed away on Wednesday. Professor Klasen was a highly respected and well-liked Professor of Development Economics at the University of Göttingen.

New covid-19 essay series

See all covid-19 essays It is now well understood that covid-19 is much more than a crisis in global health. Since its emergence in early 2020, the pandemic has plunged many economies into recession, disrupted most activities, and wrought havoc…

February 2020: New publications, videos and updates on EDI research

Over the last quarter we have published a total of 21 new working papers, policy briefs, research insights, and other publications, spanning the full range of EDI’s activities. Below takes a look at just a selection of these, from whether ordinary…

New Publication: ‘The Handbook of Economic Development’

The EDI edited Handbook of Economic Development, comprising of 20 pathfinding papers, has been published by Princeton University Press.

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EDI Year in Review 2019-2020

The Economic Development and Institutions (EDI) programme combines academic excellence with practical impact, delivering strong progress in 2019 and early 2020.


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