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Tanzania Institutional Diagnostic

Leadership Team:

  • Fran├žois Bourguignon (Paris School of Economics), Sam Wangwe (DAIMA Associates)


  • Tanzania

Project summary

Tanzania is one of the focus countries for our studies to develop an institutional diagnostic tool. There are four stages to our approach for this research.

  • Stage 1: Identification and justification of institutional areas
  • Stage 2: Deep-dive thematic studies into key restrictive institutional areas
  • Stage 3: Integration of findings and proposals for potential institutional reforms
  • Stage 4: Dissemination of findings

Latest updates

In January 2018, we discussed initial results at a workshop in Arusha.

In September 2018, we published our first comprehensive analysis to aid in the development of effective institutional reforms to support inclusive, sustainable economic growth. The chapters are available on the following links:

Read our news story announcing the launch of this publication.


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